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Brewdog 'The Planet's Favourite Beer'

Director: Jeff Low

McDonalds 'The Gift'

Director: 32

Pepsi 'Play To Inspire'

Director: Ernest Desumbila


Chilly's 'A Reusable Way of Living'

Director: India Sleem

HSBC / Shelter 'Vicious Circle'

Director: Siri Bunford

Standard Chartered & Liverpool Football Club

Director: Rollo Jackson

Paddy Power 'Loyalty'

Director: Peter Cattaneo


Director: Max Fisher

Kelloggs 'We Do Breakfast'

Director: Conkerco

McDonalds 'Wedding Day'

Director: Bob Harlow

Under Armour 'The Only Way Is Through' (USA)

Director: Julian King


JD Sports Christmas 'King of the Streets'

Director: Salomon Ligthelm

Gumtree 'A Car Right Up Your Street'

Director: Charlotte Regan

bet365 'Play Safe'

Director: Yoni Weisberg

Department of Education 'Every Lesson Shapes a Life' (with Kharmel Cochrane Casting)

Director: 32

Adidas Predator - 100% Unfair

Director: Daniel Warwick

WaterAid 'WaterAid Can'

Director: Olivia Rose 

Aitch x Relentless 'Without Limits'

Director: Otis Dominique

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